Mirora Translation Ltd.


Our prices depend on a number of variable factors, and can vary depending on each customer and even each individual project. Numerous variables affect our prices such as the length of a text, if similar texts were translated before, repetitions throughout the text, stylistic features such as drawings, photos, graphs, and deadline, requested format, etc. For this reason, assessment of the entire source text usually helps us quote in a competitive and rational manner.

Almost all translation companies globally use different units for pricing. Since 2002, Mirora has been using a pricing standard that protects clients' benefits, which is completely reliable and just. This standard is "number of words in the source text".

We believe that this method is the most reliable pricing method because it can be checked very easily by clients; and also because all computer-aided translation (CAT) tools employed by translation businesses use the word count to calculate match rates, and not the number of characters or lines or pages.

We have increased the number of our clients every year by doing the highest quality translations with the best prices. If you need hardcopies your translated texts to be duplicated, we can quote the best prices, thanks to our contract print houses.

Translation Service Standards

All our translations are done by experienced translators specialized in their fields.

Our efficient project management ensures through selection of the most suitable translator, editor and advisor that the texts are translated with the correct terminology in a way that the target audience will completely understand.

Analysis: The topic, in-text repetitions, tables, graphs and drawings in the source texts are analyzed in detail, and hence, we protect our customers from delays and unnecessary expenses, and maintain our high level of quality by ensuring uniform language style and terminology with the previously translated texts.

Terminology: We use our extensive collection of client-specific medical, legal and technical terminologies that we have built over the years, observing our principles of confidentiality. For our new clients and newest technology-related texts, we can generate terminology lists as per their needs before we start translations. Thus, we create the opportunity to work in a much more reliable and faster manner.

Editing: Editing is done by a language specialist different from the translator; and hence, consistency of texts is ensured in terms of technical style, contents, language and terminology. Considering the fact that the concept of language can be very subjective nevertheless, we apply our clients' warnings and corrections complimentarily.