Mirora Translation Ltd.


As one of the leading translation companies of Turkey, we provide solutions to all your translation needs. We perform all of the following services, primarily translation, editing and proofreading in all languages with our experienced, professional and dynamic staff, and with quality tested and proven local business partners.

We provide tailored solutions for our clients' special requests in all our service projects from quoting to job delivery.

We build separate glossaries and translation memories for each client.

We have invested and are continuing to invest in software and hardware to completely meet our customers' expectations during receiving of jobs, translation processes and delivery of translations. All our translations are done by experienced, specialized, professional translators whose language and professional skills are approved by Mirora, and then checked by an editor or a proofreader who is a native speaker of the target language.

Unless requested otherwise, all translated texts are released to our clients only after they are checked.

You can request a complimentary trial translation before you accept our translation quote. Thus, you can have an idea on our language quality and understanding of the job.

Our competent translation, desktop publishing and graphic design teams will ensure that your translated manuals, brochures, packages or any printed materials will be as accurate and efficient as their originals.

Our experience, which we gained through large-scale, multi-language translation projects we have been doing since 1997, ensures that we can translate to many languages without compromising our quality.

Our corporate aim is to attain PERFECTION without compromising SPEED, CONFIDENTIALITY, RELIABILITY and ACCURACY both in our job and in our relationships with our clients.

We have been walking towards our target with a success point of 4.50 over 5 since our foundation by keeping up with the deadlines specified by our clients, and without compromising our quality or service mentality.

The definitions, acceptance terms, success criteria and check points of all our services are detailed in our quotes, job approval and delivery messages.