Mirora Translation Ltd.


Tips for clients:

a. When requesting quotes from translation agencies, pay attention to units, job definitions, the process map, and the quality check points. You need to make sure that the quotes sent to you are for the same unit, process chain and service definition. Otherwise, it may get difficult for you to make comparisons.

b. If you send us all your terminology lists, and previous target and source texts (if you have any) for the text that you want to be translated, this will positively affect the cost of the job, and will ensure that your expectations are met better.

c. If the deadline for a job is actually not too close, you may not benefit from pushing translation agencies for shorter durations. Translation agencies also prefer to deliver completed jobs within short times. It will be better if you give adequate time for completion of all the translation processes.

Tips for translators:

a. Look through similar jobs before you start translating.

b. Consider the client's expectations and the target audience.

c. You should use the specific terminology (if any) for a translation.

d. You should check the accuracy and consistency of the target text after you finish the translation.

e. Archiving all your translations together with their feedbacks will greatly help.

f. Writing down the corrections and warnings sent by the translation company or the client will ensure that your future translations will be faster and accurate.