Mirora Translation Ltd.

When Purchasing Translation


Translation is simply transferring fully, accurately and fluently, the meaning of a text written in a language to another language by successfully reflecting all the format and contextual characteristics of the source text.

Translation is the common name for many processes, but requires that the side processes before and after a translation are defined, as well.

There are multiple factors that affect and contribute to these processes, and these are as follows:

  • For what and how the translation will be used
  • How the translation will be done - meaning, mot-a-mot or more freely
  • Whether the source text was prepared in a good manner
  • Which format was used to prepare the source text, and in which format the translation is requested<
  • Determining the deadline

How is the quality of the translations with a deadline shorter than normally required, and what are the effects of this quality to the ongoing process? We can add more and more questions like this. So, what should we consider when buying a translation?

  • Are we working with the correct supplier?
  • What do we consider when determining our suppliers?
  • Is price the only criterion?
  • Or is quality a must?
  • Are communication and being informed important to you?
  • Do you know what you are buying from the supplier?
  • Is the product you are buying an unfinished product?
  • Or is it a half-finished product?
  • Or is it a ready-to-use finished product with all processes completed?
  • If the product that you finally get does not please you, what do you do, and when you get back to the supplier, how are you approached?