Mirora Translation Ltd.

Why Mirora


  • We create a difference through our quality and our standard project processes.
  • We know the importance of communication and its effect on the process, and maintain healthy and friendly communication with our clients throughout our project processes.
  • We first assess and analyze all the documents you send to us, and then prepare them for translation processes to provide high quality solutions.
  • We excel in Project Management with our experienced, dynamic staff, "Quality Management System" approach, state-of-the-art technology hardware and software, and recently updated Project Management system.
  • We reflect your originals as we always work with experienced, expert professionals excelled in their own fields.
  • Total quality management is always our first priority for the highest quality end products.
  • We set high standards of translation and editing with our professional freelance suppliers we permanently improve by using our testing, measurement, evaluation, training, and feedback procedures.
  • Your projects are at least as important to us as they are to you.
  • We apply our tested, approved and documented quality management system procedures we never compromise.
  • We are a member of Global Compact which demonstrates that we will always stay committed to international business ethics.
  • As we are aware how very important social responsibility projects are for our country, we are proud to say that we have been supporting the Alternative Life Association (AYDER) / Dreams Academy projects for over 10 years.