Hand in hand for a barrier-free life. Mirora maintains its support to a barrier-free life.
Mirora signed UN Global Compact Principles in 2006.
Orhan Pamuk won the Nobel Prize in Literature.
SQL-WEB based database and automation studies we started in 2006 will be completed very soon, and thus almost all Mirora® in-house applications will be automized. Automization of vendor, client and pre-accounting databases, and internal and external communications will save Mirora® 65% time; and thus, will assure that data recording, production, monitoring, quality control and improvement processes be performed in a shorter period of time.
Acceleration of the foreign marketing activities in recent years started to give concrete results. Mirora® has now become the Turkish Translation Vendor of more than 40 translation companies worldwide including Korea, U.S.A., Sweden, and Italy.